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About Me

Elise Rosado was born into a vibrant Puerto Rican family in 1998 which began her journey into the nomadic life of a military child.  As a result of her environment being in a constant state of flux, Elise turned to art as a method through which she got to know the members of her new communities.  With her introduction to the world of technical theatre in high school, Elise felt that she had found her tribe in the midst of performers, artisans, and storytellers.  This passion is what led her to pursue a degree in theatre as a Fall Class of 2020 graduate from CU Boulder's BFA program studying both Costume and Lighting Design. 


As a result of her background as a technician, it was only natural for Elise to develop an interest in digital art due to the contributions it can make to her design processes and skillsets.  Through theatrical design, Elise seeks to create immersive physical environments and fantastical characters as a means through which she can communicate vital emotional elements in collaboration with other theatre practitioners.  Whether stories of triumph, laughter or failure both historical and contemporary, Elise searchings for ways through which she can spark dialogue between audience members on subjects otherwise avoided or ignored in the hope of invoking positive change around controversial subject matter.  This intention is evident in the artists that inspire Elise such as performance artist Marina Ambromovic, who uses the physical body as medium through which to confront audience members with humanity’s relationship with both bodily and emotional pain. 


Elise’s use of visual storytelling is most evident in her most recent theatrical designs including costumes for Spring Awakening, Into The Woods, Great Expectations, and Comedy of Errors as well as her most recent lighting design on the Sanskrit play Shakuntala.  It is Elise’s goal to create a lasting and memorable impact on her viewers in powerful ways that can shift world views across a variety of artistic and technological mediums. 

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